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.one happy song
This heart bleeds a sad song
The notes run though my weeping veins
At an agonizing pace,
Tormenting my ears with
Abusive lyrics of the deceased.
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.not until I do
Don't tell me how to live my life
Don't tell me to be satisfied
With the things I do
There's always something more
That I haven't done
That I dream to do
Accomplishments that haven't
Been reached
And I won't be satisfied
Until I do.
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.don't be afraid
Don`t be afraid to trip
Over your own two feet.
Just know I'll be there
To catch you when you fall.
Don`t be afraid to scream
At the world when you`re hurting.
Just know I'll keep the secrets
We share sacred,
And close to my heart.
Don`t be afraid to let others
See the tears you shed.
Just know I`ll lend you
A shoulder to cry on.
:iconsunnioddball:SunniODDball 2 6
.what a horrid way to go
Nails rake across heated flesh
In attempt to secure safety
As sweaty palms relentlessly strike
A feverous expression desperate
To perform lustful desires
In a physical yet demeaning manner.
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.untitled, still
As your heart shatters to pieces,
And as your faith wavers still,
I will hold you close
Never to let go
Until you regain your balance
In life,
And even then
I will be holding you.
When the clouds fall from the sky,
And when space loses its stars,
I will be at your side,
Guiding you through the darkness,
Hand in hand.
I will always be near,
Always by your side.
:iconsunnioddball:SunniODDball 1 13
Ghosts of the past haunt
You as you slumber,
Abusing your mind's eye
With vile images of the deceased,
Revealing their rotting flesh,
Countless dismembered limbs,
And broken hearts.
You take no pity upon
The shattered souls.
Demons bury themselves
Deep beneath your skin,
Feeding off of your
Jealousy, anger, and guilt.
They gorge their stomachs
Full of your rigid emotions,
Producing the hatred that
Lies hidden in your soul.
:iconsunnioddball:SunniODDball 1 3
.wishful thinking
This passionate heart
Is confined in chains,
Left unable to love.
This innocent mind
Is bound and broken,
Incapable of breaking free.
These desperate eyes
Are sewn shut,
Preventing exotic feelings
From budding within.
These unfeeling hands
Are frozen in time,
Unwilling to hold
Their one true love.
These purified lips
Are chapped and screaming,
Frantic for zealous admiration.
This virgin body
Struggles with immorality,
Longing to feel its deserved climax.
:iconsunnioddball:SunniODDball 4 3
"Dowwie, dowwie!" screeched a very pleased child-like adult, grabbing at the nurse's white, constricting sleeves. "Myne," she demanded, "Gimme it!" The middle-aged nurse surrendered the rag doll to the mentally challenged individual and slowly seated her oversized backside onto the patient's stiff cot.  "And how is my favorite person this morning?" said the cheery nurse through a clenched jaw. Her patient hasn't bathed for four days and counting. The stench was overwhelmingly putrid. Coughing, she waved her arthritis-bound hand underneath her nose, hoping to disperse the odor particles from beneath her nostrils. "Phew! Someone needs a bath!" Suddenly, the seventy two-year-old body in front of the grimacing nurse ceased all movement. "Come, now. We need you to take a bath." She smiled as kindly as possible, making sure that her frustration didn't show. "Noooo baff!" declared the five-year-old mind in the seventy two-year-old body. "Please, do it for me?" Then: "Noooo!"
After m
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As Darkness Creeps by SunniODDball As Darkness Creeps :iconsunnioddball:SunniODDball 4 23
.the rock star
There once was a girl who fell in love with a rock star. She obsessed over him day and night; his face clouded her thoughts with lustful visions of pleasure. But you see, the rock star didn't know that this girl even existed. But to him, she was just another emo-boy-obsessed-fan in the crowd of millions that just so happened to be attracted to his raspy voice and punkish style. You see, this girl wrote a letter to the rock star each and every day, exposing her heart and innermost thoughts to him, her obsession. Her letters were never answered. To him, fan mail was just a hassle, an on-going nuisance that showed no sign of letting up any time soon. Instead, the rock star dumped all her passion-filled letters into the dumpster behind the studio, leaving them there to rot. Still, she wrote to him, hoping that her confessions would get some sort of reply from her idol. No letters of gratitude found their place in her mailbox. Still, she waited with high hopes.
But soon, this was all to cha
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Sweat drenched the sides of my face.  My cheeks were tainted a bright red due to the smoldering heat that engulfed the room.  Steam emitted every few minutes from a bulging pipe, and filled our ears with an ear-piercing shriek.  I covered my ears with sticky palms in an attempt to block out the deafening tone.  I gritted my teeth to keep myself from damning those around me with my foul language.  One member of the hostage group, a female teen, cried out a prayer of desperation to our captor, begging to be set free from this agonizing torment.  All was silent as if we actually expected some sort of response.
It had been approximately three hours since we last heard our kidnapper's voice: a deep, masculine tone with a tinge of sarcasm on the side.  His maniacal laughter haunted our thoughts, along with sickly images of death and the dying.  Not too much is known about our captor, and none of us have the slightest idea about how we reached this destination.  All I could remember is waking
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.just one more
Long hallways connected to a gigantic room in the heart of the confining facility. The room was musty, and always smelt of smoke due to the frequent use of cigarettes and cigars. Many have tried to rid the room of such an odor, but attempts have proved to be in vain. 'Suppose it was the room's fate to acquire said smell. The stench didn't seem to bother those who frequently met in there for multiple purposes.
A small group of elderly men regularly gather in one of the corners of the spacious room to play a game of cards. What they discuss is known only to them—the topics of their discussions aren't exactly what a sheltered person would normally wish to hear, due to the graphic images that run through the minds of the death row occupants. They would laugh, bragging to one another how they disposed of their victims, but were soon caught by the police force and sentenced here until their destiny greeted them with open arms. Almost all of the players smoked, therefore contributing to the f
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Simply Me by SunniODDball Simply Me :iconsunnioddball:SunniODDball 1 9 Save Me From Myself, by SunniODDball Save Me From Myself, :iconsunnioddball:SunniODDball 2 31 .Pure Innocence. by SunniODDball .Pure Innocence. :iconsunnioddball:SunniODDball 24 74
.to rain
To rain over me
To drown the world with water
To rain over me
:iconsunnioddball:SunniODDball 0 7

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